At ROZARIO, we understand that each of our clients possess a unique and diverse set of business needs and requirements. Our goal is to assist our clients with properly navigating the complex issues involved in the formation, governance, compliance and financing of their business. We draft and negotiate all forms of contracts including buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, shareholder’s agreements and joint venture agreements. We provide services to financial institutions, start-ups, small to medium sized businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals.

>  Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

At ROZARIO, we work closely with our clients while they explore available business restructuring options. At times, it may be in our client’s best interest to restructure, sell various assets, seek further investment, wind-down or pursue a combination of remedies. We recognize that each client’s matter is unique. Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients implement a restructuring strategy that works best for their business. ROZARIO provides representation to individuals and businesses seeking to reorganize or liquidate a partnership or corporation under current Federal Bankruptcy laws. We work with non-institutional creditors seeking to secure their rights in the debtor’s property. We focus our legal representation for individuals and businesses seeking to liquidate business assets under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code or seeking to reorganize and liquidate their businesses under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. We recognize that the restructuring of a business or the filing of a bankruptcy petition involves a wide array of issues that include finance, tax, real estate and litigation. We believe aggressive advocacy, detailed analysis of every issue and the proactive delivery of legal services best serve our clients’ business interests.


>  Commercial Transaction

ROZARIO represents individuals and entities seeking to purchase or sell franchises, closely held businesses and equipment. We work with clients at all stages of commercial transactions. We negotiate and draft all forms of commercial agreements including sale and distribution agreements, licensing agreements and manufacturing agreements. We assist our clients with the leasing of personal or real property.

>  Business Immigration

ROZARIO works with clients in all areas of business-related immigration law. We work with companies seeking to hire and transfer foreign nationals to the United States. We work with individuals seeking to make substantial investments in the United States. We work with people who represent the best in their respective professions. We represent clients seeking to obtain permanent and temporary visas and work authorizations. We provide representation to clients seeking advice and consultation regarding H-1B, H-2B, EB-5, LCA, electronic forms I-9s and workplace enforcement audits.

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